Trying to make a calendar

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Trying to make a calendar

Post by jimmydole » Wed Sep 12, 2012 1:36 pm

Hi folks,

Hope someone here is more tech savvy than me and can help me out with this stuff: Our band got our first gig, yey! 8) Its at our local pub so nothing major, but still, were really excited :D Anyway, the thing I need help with is that we need to make some promo material for the gig, the pub is not going to promote us much (they are barely paying us to be honest) haha, but so we have to produce the posters etc ourselves. Is this normal or is it usually the venue that sorts out the promotion...? You would think that it would benefit them too to attract more people in. But anyway again so is it easy to do simple flyers etc on a computer or should I get someone else to do it? We have some photos from training we can use. Any idea is its easy to make these into flyers and posters? I just dont want it to come out really bad... I tried googling for softeware and found at least one one, free GIMP that seems ok, should I use that? Also, can I just print the flyers off with my home printer? Ive got this very basic HP deskjet printer, do you think it would be up to the job? Wanna save money... Or should I just get them printed somewhere? Found a few on google, anyone tried this online printer print24, I have never used these kind of services before. To be honest Id prefer printing them myself. Except the posters of course, since they would be A2 or something...

Anyhooo, all advice and tips would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! :bighug:

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Re: Trying to make a calendar

Post by azaroth » Fri Nov 30, 2012 8:19 am

I think that stuff like flyers, posters or booklet printing it's easier and better order in a internet shop.

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